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Island Grouping Visayas
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Calbayog City is a first class city in the province of Samar, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 147,187 people in 28,912 households.

Land Area

The city has a total land area of 90,300 hectares which is .301% of the archipelagos total land area, 4.21% of the regional land area, 6.724% of the island of Samar and 16.10% of the area of Samar province.


Calbayog City is located at the northern part of the province of Samar, Philippines. It lies along the coastal region of the province stretching about 60 miles from the northern tip of the island and 180 miles from southern boundaries.

Northwest of the city is the municipality of San Isidro, Northern Samar, north is Lope de Vega, Northern Samar, to the southeast is the municipality of Sta. Margarita, Samar, to the northeast are the municipalities of Silvino Lobos and Mondragon, both of Northern Samar, to the east is the municipality of Gandara, Samar, and; the Samar Sea to the southwest. ( Source: )


The city has a population of 147,187 people in 28,912 households based on 2000 census.


Waray-waray and Cebuano are the major dialects spoken.


The province has no distinct dry and wet season. Rainfall is more or less evenly distributed throughout the year. April to July are the best months to visit, when the climate is ideal for trips to the beach and for treks inland. (Source: )


Calbayog City is a first class city. The City serves as a trading center in the region. The volume of trade and commerce in recent years has increased and is being favored by the adequate transportation facilities to Manila, Cebu and Tacloban City as these places serve as major points of distribution of supply of various goods/commodities. Various agricultural and marine products that meet local demands imply favorable trend in production.

The city is in its infancy stage of industrial growth. The operationalization of Samar Coco Oil Mill in Brgy. Malajog and Ice Plants in Brgy. Baay and Binaliw, Tinambacan District is an indication that business prospects in the city is favorable. The Noodles factory supplies its noodle product demand to the neighboring island towns and the Eastern Visayas.

Similarly, these are several small scale industries operating in the city which are assisted by the LGU. Assistance would involve capability building and seed capital for the operation of the industry. The bamboo craft industry in Malopalo doormat making in Malaga; upholstery in Peña; aquamarine in Tinambacan Norte which engages in bangus, fry and sugpo production; candy making industry (pili nut) is smoothly doing its business and favorite for pasalubong.

Home industries such as mat weaving, furniture making out of bamboo, rattan, buri midribs and coco lumber are fast flourishing. The famous and delicious Tinapa also produced in the locality, is now a by word among tourists and travelers.

Alimango (crabs) and Sugpo (prawns) also thrive in commercial volume and are transported to Metro Manila to supply demand gaps in the metropolis.


Philippine Peso (Php) in denominations of 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1 in pesos and. 25, 10, 5 and 1 in centavos.


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