The Trading of the Zamboanga Peninsula
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Country Philippines
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Island Grouping Mindanao
Region Region IX
General Information

Facts & Figures

Land Area

223.73 km²


The city is located on the northern shore of the Province of Basilan, in the Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX). Across the Basilan Strait to the north is Zamboanga City.


Isabela City has a population of 73,032 people in 13,753 households. It has a population density of 326.4/km².


Approximately 55% of the people speak Chavacano; 20% Samal; Joloano, Yakan, and Maranao; 10% Visayan; 10% Tagalog, 5% llocano and other dialects.


Basilan, as part of Mindanao, is outside the typhoon belt. The annual average rainfall is 1,100 millimeters and mean annual temperature is 26.6° C. Source of rainfall is the southwest monsoon and intertropical convergence zone (mc). Prevailing winds are from the southwest with a speed of 4 knots.


Agriculture is the major industry of the people of Isabela. The province boasts of vast agricultural lands and quality rice and crops which are being exported as most of these lands are irrigated and farming is highly mechanized. With the presence of the Isabela State University, joint ventures and other foreign assisted projects are viable while the Magat Dam Tourism Complex contributes to the high productivity in agriculture.

Isabela is acknowledged as the hub of trade and commercial activities in the region due to its central location in the region. Furniture making using narra and other indigenous forest materials/ products like Gmelina continue to exist. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood of the people of lsabela, in particular. There are a few industries operating here and all are agro-based. Copra trading is the leading commercial activity while coconuts are planted almost throughout the year. Rubber-sapping and logging complement the people's major occupations.

Mineral deposits of gold, manganese, iron, ore, copper, and coal are also found in Basilan.

Potential investments are in fisheries and tourism. The reservoir of the Magat Dam is utilized for fishcage operations, particularly tilapia production. Tourism is relatively a new industry being developed in the province especially in the coastal areas. Support services and accommodation facilities are likewise being developed.


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