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Country Philippines
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Island Grouping Luzon
Region Region V
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Masbate City is a 5th class city in the province of Masbate, Philippines. It is the capital city of Masbate province. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 71,441 people in 13,400 households. The city has 34 barangays.

Land Area

249.10 km²


Masbate City is located in the 2nd district of the Masbate, a province of the Bicol Region or Region V. It is bounded to the north by the provinces of Albay and Sorsogon, to the east by the Sibuyan Sea and to the west by the Asid Gulf.


With a total population of 71,441, the city has a population density of 286.80/km².


Burias and Ticao islands and the western and central parts of mainland Masbate are covered by a climate characterized by no very pronounced maximum rain period, with a short dry season. The southeastern parts of Masbate Island have rainfall more or less evenly distributed throughout the year.

The rainfall distribution in the province of Masbate is influenced by the air streams, tropical cyclones, inter-tropical convergence zone and topography. Masbate has the lowest average annual rainfall distribution in Bicol. The highest mean monthly and annual temperatures in the region are also recorded in the province.


About four hundred years B.C., iron and glass as well as woven cloth appeared in Masbate. The stone tools gradually disappeared; agriculture improved. Beautiful decorated pottery were produced. Unearthed fragments of porcelain tell of the brisk trade that existed with China.

Village settling grew from the development of farming; pottery flourished, stone tools were improved and the early Masbate farmers made axes of polished stones. Many stone axes of this kind have been found in Masbate. They are the remains of the first farmers who used the axes to cut down trees. The early farmers also made beautiful ornaments of shells. They buried their dead in burial caves and jars. Two large caves in Masbate, the Bat-ongan Cave in Mandaon and the Kalanay Cave in Aroroy are known worldwide as burial caves.

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