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Event: Festivals of Antipolo - 28 Sep 2007

Antipolo is very famous among residents of the National Capital Region for its city festivals.


Antipolo is very famous among residents of the National Capital Region for its city festivals. Some of the more popularly known festivals are shown below.

Ang Hatol (The Way of the Cross) (Good Friday; Cainta, Rizal)
"A stage presentation that highlights the judgment of Pontius Pilate on Jesus Christ.
Cenakulo (Cainta, Rizal). Passion plays called “cenaculos” are held in various places all over the Philippines during the Holy Week. In Cainta, Rizal, however, people take to the streets and the community theater to act out and witness passion plays associated with the Passion of Christ.

Giwang-giwang (Binangonan, Rizal)
A play reenacting the funeral of Jesus Christ through a procession on Good Friday. Due to the influx of tourists, devotees try to touch the Sepulkro or sepulcher making it sway, hence, its local translation, the term Giwang-giwang. People searching for an amulet or anting-anting join this religious activity.

The Subok (Tanay and Taytay, Rizal)
A group of men, after feasting and overnight meditation, gather around the church to wait for the Santo Entierro, a wooden statue of the dead Christ. They rush forward to insert various objects in the folds of the robe, under the feet, and in the hollows of the hands. The image is then loaded with handkerchiefs, bronze medals, and pieces of paper inscribed with Latin phrases. The float in encircled by men. After the procession, these men retrieve the objects from the image. Now it is the time for the “subok,” the testing of the talismans by using whips, revolvers, knives, and machetes (bolos) throughout the afternoon and evening till Saturday. Each one tests the effectivity of this talisman by requesting another man to shoot, whip or stab him.

Salubong Festival (Angono, Rizal)
Black Saturday is highlighted by a 3-hour presentation at the churchyard wherein high-tech stage decorations and sound system with trained production staff assist the “Vigilia ng Muling Pagkabuhay” as they are fondly called by the parish. Easter Sunday celebration is held in a place called Galilea where the reunion of the Risen Christ with the Virgin Mary is re-enacted.

Tayo na sa Antipolo Festival (Antipolo City)
A month-long celebration to honor Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Devotees are seen taking the much-trodden path leading to Antipolo. The image, which is already three centuries old, is said to exhibit supernatural powers. In the evening of April 30, thousands of pilgrims from several places in Metro Manila and nearby towns begin an annual trek to the path, on foot.

Feast of San Clemente (Higantes Festival) (Angono, Rizal)
Angono’s joyous fiesta in honor of San Clemente whose image, resplendent in papal vestment, is borne by male devotees during a procession accompanied by “parehadoras” (devotees dressed in local costumes, wooden shoes, and carrying boat paddles) and “higantes,” (giant wooden figures made from papier mache and bamboo). The street event culminates in a fluvial procession on the shores of Laguna de Bay, amidst revelry that continues until the image is brought back to the parish church.

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