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Article: Opportunity in Business: FOOD - 21 Oct 2007

Industry Background:1.       Fresh Foods 2.      Processed Foods 3.      Trends, Prospects, Opportunities

Fresh FoodsProduct Coverage

  • Bananas
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Coconut (young)
  • Papaya
  • Watermelons
  • Melons
  • Pomelo
  • Jackfruit
  • Calamansi
  • Lanzones
  • Guavas
  • Chicos
  • Santol
Opportunity in Business - Sectoral Profiles Revenue Streams - Food

 Product Uses


·         Eaten fresh·         Processed into banana chips, ketchup / sauce ·         Dried and drained, glazed, or crystallized

Mango          ·         Eaten fresh, as dessert or as garnishing depending on fruit maturity. ·         Processed into dried mango, puree / juice, chutney, pickles ·         As flavoring for ice cream, bakery products, and confectionery

Pineapple      ·         Eaten fresh ·         Processed into other forms: dried, canned (slices, chunks, tidbits), concentrates, jam, marmalade, juice, vinegar, wine, candy, or nata de pina.

Papayas        ·         Ripe papayas are eaten fresh, or used to make salads. ·         Processed into jams, jellies, marmalades, purees, pastes, ice cream flavor, fruit in syrup, concentrates, and candies.

Production Capacity

Banana         ·         23 fresh banana producers / exporters, registered with the Board of Investments (BOI) ·         Aggregate annual production capacity of 27.04 million metric tons ·         Fresh bananas grown in Mindanao.

Mango           ·         6 BOI-registered fresh mango producers / exporters, based in Manila and Mindanao ·         Annual aggregate capacity of 47,232 metric tons.

Pineapples     ·         2 BOI-registered, Davao-based companies ·         Total annual production capacity of 17,650 metric tons.

Papayas        ·         2 BOI-registered producers / exporters ·         Aggregate annual production capacity of 1.4 Million metric tons.

Production Components

Raw materials

·         Appearance - refers to the external condition of the fruit including homogeneity as to size, freshness, cleanliness, smoothness and other physical form. ·         Stage of maturity and ripeness - refers to the stage of physiological development of fruit upon picking ·         Damage - refers to defects which significantly downgrade appearance and decrease marketability of the fruit. These are usually brought about by inappropriate post-harvest handling, or by plant diseases/pests. Common defects include bruises/scars, stains, decomposition, and presence of insects/foreign matter/diseases on fruit. ·         Size - refers to the classification of fruits based on weight or physical size. Undersized/oversized fruits are not acceptable in the export market.


·         The fresh banana industry is composed of some 5.9 million farmers and farm households, who provide the necessary raw materials for the banana processing industry. ·         The fresh mango industry has some 2.5 million farmers and farm family members who provide raw materials for the varied product lines of the mango processing industry. ·         The fresh pineapple industry is propped up by 420,000 farmers nationwide.

Packaging Materials

  • Bananas - The most commonly used packaging materials for bananas are plastic wrappings / bags, cartons, and wooden crates or boxes.
  • Mangoes - Mangoes are usually packed in fiberboard cartons with corresponding partitions, 200 - Test Como bard, Wet Strength Paper, with Vinamel and Dacrez with ventilation holes on each side as desired. Each fruit is individually wrapped in tissue paper with foam padding underneath.
  • Pineapples - Fresh pineapples are packed in fiberboard containers especially designed to accommodate a fixed number of fruit.
  • Papaya - To prevent bruises, it is recommended that each fruit be wrapped in tissue paper and cushioned with paper wool or similar materials.
Appropriate Standards and Certification
  • Under Philippine Executive Order 1016, all plant products which include fruits and vegetables capable of harboring pests and insect specimens need export clearance from the Bureau of Plant Industry through the issuance of a Phytosanitary Certificate.

Processed Foods

Product Coverage

  • Meat and Meat Preparations
  • Dairy Products and birds' eggs (processed)
  • Margarine, Shortening, and Vegetable Fats and Oils
  • Cereal and Flour Preparations
  • Processed Fruits
  • Processed Vegetables
  • Sugar and Sugar Preparations, Confectionery and Honey
  • Confectionery and Other Sugar-based Products (chewing gum, soft/hard candies, gelatin and other sugar-based products)
  • Coffee (processed)
  • Cocoa, tea and mate
  • Beverages
  • Sauces, condiments, mixed seasoning, spices, flavorings, soups and broth preparations
  • Animal feeding stuff
  • Miscellaneous edible preparations (food preparations for infants, pasta, stuffed with food, etc.)
Product Uses
  • Fruit-based juice drinks
  • Flavoring and ingredient for ice cream, bakery products and confectionery products
  • Ingredient in breakfast cereals and mixed with other fruits, vegetables and nuts as snack packs.
  • Tea flavoring
  • For salad preparations or served as desert mixed with other processed fruits, vegetables, meat products, nuts, etc. or as spreads.
  • Pickled and quickly frozen
  • Pork, chicken and beef are smoked, cured, prepared in brine, dried, canned and processed into varied meat products such as pork / beef loaves, sausages, corned beefs, liver spreads, meat pastes, luncheon meats, hams, bacons etc.

Production Capacity 

Estimated Rated Capacities of BOI- Registered CompaniesYear 2000 Figures only include those that are granted incentives by the Board of Investments and excludes multinational companies such as Dole Philippines and Del Monte Philippines.

Fruits & Vegetables186,068Metric Tons
Coconut Oil & Meat1,147,465Metric Tons
Other Vegetable Oil6,840Metric Tons
Other Coco Products50,890Metric Tons
 16.3  Million packs
Processed Fish32,866Metric Tons
Processed Meat95,711.15Metric Tons
Cereal-based123,958Metric Tons
 4,312,888 Pieces
Confectionery & Honey10,758Metric Tons
Condiments9,510 Metric Tons
 Raw Sugar:  
 Refined Sugar :  
   Registered4,675Metric Tons
   Industry7,163Metric Tons
Dairy :    
 Milk16,047,565Metric Tons
Feeds :  
 Animal Feeds2,439,042Metric Tons
 Aquaculture Feeds1,005,287Metric Tons

 Production Components

Raw Materials


  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are processed by drying / dehydration, vacuum fried. They are converted to juices, purees and concentrates, preserved, and made into sauces or paste, pulped, pickled and quickly frozen. Most commonly processed fruits are pineapples, mangoes, bananas, calamansi, tamarinds, passion fruits, papayas, oranges and guavas.
  • Coconuts are generally processed into desiccated coconut, coconut chips, coconut drink, coconut milk (liquid / powder) and copra meal, cake and pellets as animal feeds.
  • Commonly processed vegetables are potatoes, cassava, ube, cucumbers, green peas, mushrooms and tomatoes.
  • Livestock meat from hog, cattle and chicken are processed into various meat products.
  • Flour, rice and corn are processed into snack food, cereals, noodles and pasta products and as ingredient of sauces, dry soup mixtures, bakery products and confectionery products.
  • Cacao and cocoa powder are used for bakery products (e.g. cookies, biscuits etc.) breakfast cocoa, confectioneries, ( e.g. candies and chocolate bars) and tonic drinks.
  • Coffee beans are processed into coffee and coffee mixtures.
  • Cattle milk is processed into milk, cottage cheese, cream, butter and margarine.
  • Other raw materials are sugar, salt, coconut oil, corn oil, fruit and fruit extracts and fresh milk from carabaos, cows and goats which are used as raw materials for processed cheese, confectionery, milk drinks and bakery products.
  • Dry skimmed milk, the prime raw material for dairy processing is imported from New Zealand, the Netherlands, Australia and the United States.
  • Butterfat also known as anhydrous milk-fat is imported from the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Australia, and New Zealand.
Packaging Materials
  • Glass
  • Bottles
Trends, Prospects and Business Opportunities
 BananaMangoPineappleProcessed Fruits
Product/s·  Fish Cavendish ·  Other varieties like lakatan, senorita, etc.Fresh Carabao Mango a.k.a. Manila SuperFresh pineaple, mainly the Smooth Cayenne variety·  Preserves, jams, marmalades, jellies, juices, concentrates, puree ·  Dried/dehydrated fruits from pineapple, banana, mangoes, calamansi, etc.
Trends·  Accession of China to the WTO ·  Prospect of Australian market·  Opening of new markets lije the U.S. and the Australia ·  Market demand is limited by supply·  China Market ·  Australian market by net year·  Average growth in world trade (95-99) ·  Mango juice increased by 23% ·  Pineapple juice by 65% ·  Canned pineapple by 4% ·  Tropical dried fruits by 60%
Markets·  Japan, Korea, Middle East ·  China (emerging market) ·  Australia (in the near future)·  Japan ·  Hong Kong/China ·  U.S. and Australia·  Japan, Korea, China, HK, New Zealand ·  Australia (near future)
  • U.S., Japan, Netherlands, HK and Canada
For the latest export performance, please go to the Tradeline website
 Source: Department of Trade and Industry  
Posted By: PhilCTTIS Data Center 
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