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Article: Membership Undertaking - 17 Jul 2007



Benefits to be Derived from Membership

  • Opportunities to maximize the potentials of ICT for better economic governance and active participation of Philippine cities in a globalizing economy VIA FREE E-MEDIA CAMPAIGN FOR TRADE AND TOURISM PROMOTION AND DEVELOPMENT;

  • Full, comprehensive and expanded access of the general public and investors to economic and business opportunities VIA FREE LINKAGES WITH AN ORGANIZED GROUP OF INTERNET SHOPS NATIONWIDE AND FREE INFORMATION SERVICES THROUGH PHILCTTIS DATA CENTER;

  • Participation in a national network of trade and tourism information services on Philippine cities via VARIOUS WEB LINKS TO CITY GOVERNMENTS AND FREE TRAINING OF MEMBERS’ CITY TRADE AND TOURISM INFORMATION OFFICERS;

  • Improved, updated and upgraded web designs and content relevant to city trade and tourism goals and targets through FREE RESEARCH and PROGRAMMING SERVICES ON A SUSTAINED BASIS;

  • Actively linking the city governments to the business sector at the local and international levels via FREE RESEARCH AND INFORMATION SERVICES AND WEBLINKS TO INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND TOURISM ORGANIZATIONS 

Code of Conduct

The Philippine Trade and Tourism Information Service (PHILCTTIS)) is strongly committed to the highest ethical standards of honesty, integrity and conduct in all of its operations: with members, individuals, community and business organizations and, in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

In order to uphold these standards, as a Member of PHILCTTIS Network, I agree to:

  • Comply with all of PHILCTTIS’s management principles and policies.

  • Treat all PHILCTTIS Members with respect and courtesy at all times.

  • Refrain from committing acts to discriminate any individual with regard to race, creed, color, religion, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or other status. 

  • Refrain from using PHILCTTIS’s name or logo without the expressed written permission of the Network.

  • Work to further the status of trade and tourism businesses as a responsible member of the community.

  • Strive to contribute to meetings and other group functions/activities in a positive and productive manner.

  • Report to PHILCTTIS suspected violations or unethical dealings done by any member or affiliated organizations or businesses inimical to the Network’s interests.

  • Abide by copyright, trademark, and licensing laws and regulations with regards to software, patents, copyrights, license agreements, and other property rights.

In the event that I violate this Code of Conduct, I understand that my membership in the Association may be reviewed and appropriate actions maybe taken to protect the interest of the PHILCTTIS.

Roles and Responsibilities of Network Members

As a network member, I am bound to perform my roles and responsibilities as my contribution to ensuring the attainment of PhilCTTIS’ mission, which include among others:

·         Authorize my city’s designated trade and/or tourism information officers to work closely with the PhilCTTIS national secretariat in generating information requirements of the network and attend training programs developed by the network for them;

·         Provide the PhilCTTIS network the access code to the current city website for purposes of updating the content and/or upgrading of the current program design;

·         Participate in the promotion and information campaign on PhilCTTIS services and distribution of information materials/paraphernalia;

·         Authorize the PhilCTTIS to put up banner ads and corporate information channels from business firms and private organizations for the promotion of their respective trade and tourism products/services and events on the city websites and the LCP website;

·         Pay the annual network membership fee in the amount of P2,500.00 per year for the first 2 consecutive years and a one-time activation fee in the amount of P2,500.00 or a total of Seven thousand five hundred pesos (P7,500) upon registration of its application; and

·         Renew the annual membership fee of P2,500.00 on the sixth month of its second year of membership with the PhilCTTIS.

Signature of Applicant:                                        Date:                                                


(Printed Name of City Mayor)


Witnessed by:

(Name of designated City Trade Information Officer

(Name of designated city tourism Information officer)


Instructions:  Please send your accomplished form together with your check payment in the amount of P 7,500.00 to: 

Center for Urban Management and Environment, Inc.
Suite 910, West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Bldg.
(Tektite Bldg.), Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605

Tel (632) 637-3210/11; Fax (632) 633-0751; c/o Leah 

The PhilCTTIS is a project of the Center for Urban Management and Environment, Inc. in collaboration with the League of Cities of the Philippines and e-PLDT.


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